Friends Board of Directors

Karla Fultz McHenry, President
Des Moines, Iowa

Linda Bisgaard,
Executive Vice President
(Past President)
West Des Moines, Iowa 

Michelle Durand-Adams,
(Past President)
West Des Moines, Iowa

Phyllis Peters *
Ames, Iowa

Gail Kotval
Urbandale, IA

Emily Williams-Bouska
Des Moines, IA


Sanjita Pradham, Executive Officer
Kristen Corey, Program Planner

*Also an ICSW Commissioner

Friends of the Iowa Commission
on the Status of Women
PO Box 71234
Clive, IA 50325

About the Friends


A Mission to Advance Women's Issues in Iowa.
 Friends of ICSW | Linda Bisgaard and Michelle Durand-Adams
 Friends' President, Linda Bisgaard and
 Michelle Durand-Adams, Friends Past
 President, at the National Association of
 Commissions for Women Conference in
 San Jose, CA, July, 2013

The Friends is the not-for-profit organization that supports and assists with the charitable and educational activities of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women. The Iowa Commission on the Status of Women (ICSW)
is a state agency dedicated to advocacy, education, and leadership programming to benefit women and girls. The ICSW is the lead organization in promoting the full participation of women in the economic, political, and social life of the state.

Through private, tax-deductible donations, the Friends expands the capacity of the ICSW to take on projects that improve the lives of women and girls in Iowa, and provides its own structure for responsive, innovative activities to support women.

How the Friends Help Women and Girls in Iowa

The Friends provides increased opportunities for women in a variety of ways:

  • Promotes and advocates for issues of interest to women
  • Convenes statewide public discussion of women’s issues through collaboration with other women’s organizations
  • Honors Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame members with the annual induction ceremony and reception
  • Sponsors legislative breakfasts and socials to provide opportunities for interaction with policymakers
  • Provides networking opportunities for women in Iowa
  • Sponsors the Write Women Back into History contest

    How we do what we do.

    Friends has a number of events that raise awareness and dollars for the Commission. These include:

     Women You Know, Women You Want to Meet– This is our signature event, bringing together women from a variety of backgrounds to meet and make new connections. The women who attend, whether from political, business or non-profit backgrounds, gather each year in the home of a prominent woman to talk about what matters most, all while enjoying wine and fabulous hors d’oeuvres! 

    Friends of ICSW | Iowa Women's Hall of FameReception and Luncheon for the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame ceremony - Each year, the governor’s office, in conjunction with the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women, hosts the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame Awards, recognizing the extraordinary efforts of four women, as well as awarding the Cristine Wilson Medal for Equality and Justice. Each year, Friends hosts the reception following the ceremony.

    Friends of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women | PO BOX 71234 | Clive, IA 50325